card10 at rC3


Instead of the regular 37C3, we will have the first ever remote congress end of this year, which is dubbed “rC3”

How can card10 interact with a remote and distributed chaos event? How can card10 connect to other card10s anywhere on the globe? What services could it provide, what services could it make use of?

PTT or mute/unmute input device

Connect to the local PC via bluetooth LE, display via RGB LEDs the (un)mute and (un)deafen status of

virtual applause

Tools for speakers, heralds, VOC angels

Timing and handing over who is speaking is challenging to coordinate due to the latency of video conference tools. can card10 help here by e.g. Notifications who is

Providing real time feedback from the audience to the speaker

Pushing info about the current state, like the typical online status or the state app at camp (yes, that is potentially sensitive information that the wearer should be able to have control over who is allowed to see it, like with basically any messenging app)


display short texts on the LCD that can be sent via

Fahrplan interaction

Show on the display which segments are up next

probably best if requested by presisng a button pull the info required via an API from the fahrplan app that needs to be installed on the same phone as the card10 companion app

Notification when a favourite segment is about to start

The fahrplan app allows flagging talks as favourites. Pull those flags and notify the wearer by a configurable alarm (e.g. pulse the vibration alarm, flash LEDs, show the name of the upcoming talk on the display for a few seconds or until the alarm is dismissed by pressing a button)

Notification for self organized sessions

same for the database that contains the SOS’s (afaik that calendar has been in the congress wiki until now)