D1 - taveler Aki

logbook entry

D1, traveler Aki Since todays morning my view on card10 changed again when I found out about the possibilities of communication through color. Not only can one sync with other travelers by showing the same blinking theme while holding card10 high above ones head, there are also three colors that have a special meaning for everyone here. Three lights, framed by a yellow, a blue and a green circle are used to communicate ones scope of interaction with the world. If the yellow light is active travelers somehow seem to be in wild adventure mode or on some mission, they call it the chaos light. The blue one seems to stand for a general open and communicative mode, I saw travelers starting conversations a lot with blue-lighted others. The green one is a sign for a traveler to be in so called campmode which to me means to do selfcare, to not be visible for other travelers because I am fine with being for myself. Since I started to use this interhacktion, experiencing the blue mode is most exciting to me because I am still not used to people just starting conversations with me and I am enjoying it a lot. I appreciate the comfort that comes with activating the green light, I can be totally with myself although I am floating around. It feels like a lot of different perspectives where included in designing all those interhacktions for card10, I wish I knew more about the travelers that developed all this…

conclusions for this interhacktion:

card10 is supposed to have LEDs that communicate ones personal scope of interaction.