D1 - traveler moone

logbook entry

D1, traveler moone
Today I discovered that my card10 can pick up information about people’s skills in my surroundings and led me to a person with a crazy hat that really knew a thing or two about goldsmithing.
I actually found a way to transfer my own interests to the card10 and from that point on it started to oscillate softly when picking up similar interests in my vicinity. That’s how I found a camp of hedonistic creatures that knew more about security than I could have imagined.
I don’t know if it picks up brainwaves or if it has to do with the blue glow or what else is going on, but at least I learned again that my first impressions can be deceptive after all.

technical description

There should be a mechanic that allows camps to announce topics they are concerned with via bluetooth beacons and the badges should be able to pick up topics nearby.
Additionally there could be a privacy friendly way to announce personal topics via the badges and to find people who are concerned with similar topics.