Card10 handout and helpdesk is open.

A few card10s left. All vouchers welcome (blue and white)

No sale of card10s!

current firmware version: Garlic (as of day4-21:48)

It is very easy to update your card10 firmware with just a USB-C cable. The update instructions also contain a list of the existing firmware releases.


Welcome to card10 Wiki. You can browse this wiki source and read more about our GitLab instance.

card10 is the name of the badge for the 2019 Chaos Communication Camp.

Getting started

You just received your card10, what now? The Getting started page has some advice how to assemble and use the card10.

First interhacktions

After playing around with card10 a bit, you want to learn how to write your own software. Even if you have never programmed before, it is super easy to make some LEDs blink on card10 :)


Spare me the details just give me the links to the docs!


Photo of the card10 badge

Hello, my name is card10


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