Getting Started

Deutsche Version: Los geht’s!

You just received your card10 - what now?

card10 assembly

Here’s a step by step guide with a video and pictures for assembling your card10

User guide

Have a look at the General Usage section of the User Guide. It will tell you how to:

  • Switch the card10 on and off
  • Navigate the menu
  • Install new apps
  • Set your nickname

And much more!

Setting your nickname

To set your nickname, create a file called nickname.txt on your laptop. Start your card10 in USB storage mode, then copy nickname.txt onto the card10. Eject the USB device. Then briefly press the POWER button to exit the storage mode, and then a second time, to enter the menu. You can scroll up and down using the LEFT and RIGHT buttons. Now look for an app called ‘’, select it by pressing the SELECT button. If you have successfully uploaded a nickname.txt file, your nickname will now show up on the display. You can also upload a nickname.json file instead, to get some more options. Have a look at the hatchery for more options of the app.

Basic ECG howto

Have a look at how to use the ECG.

For better results use USB-C electrodes


Now it is time to start playing with the card10, writing your own micropython code! Continue in the first interhacktions section.