Workout Berlin 2019-11-09

The second card10 workout will happen at xHain in Berlin on the weekend from November 9th - 10th, 2019.

Location and Times

  • Location: xHain: Gr├╝nberger Str. 16, 10243 Berlin
  • Times: 2019-11-09 to 2019-11-10, all day in general, details to follow
  • Capacity: Around 10-20 people


  • andreas
  • rahix
  • schneider
  • spacecarrot
  • YOU?



We will work on integating more Merge Requests into the firmware, and hopefully create a new release.

Hardware & Repair Cafe

If you have issues with your hardware swing by and we can see if we can fix it. We will have spare parts!


We plan to experiment with some more phones to improve BLE support. If you want to work on the wiki feel free too. Lots of people who know around ;)


We still have plenty of conductive thread and a lot of ideas. Do you have some too?


We can make us of xHain during the times as mentioned above. If you want to allocate some time for specific workshops or similar, mention it here:

Title Person Start Time / Day Duration
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MicroPython introduction

If you haven’t dared trying to write your own apps for your card10, now is your chance to learn how to do it! Programming your card10 using MicroPython is easy to learn, and all you need is your laptop (preferably Linux, but Windows and MacOS work as well), a USB-C cable, and of course your card10.

App discovery

There are hundreds of card10 apps in the hatchery. Let’s start the day by exchanging our favourite discoveries, and trying some new ones.

Repair cafe

Open hardware means you can fix it! We are bringing some spare parts and plenty of assistance is around, so together we can restore the broken bits of some card10s.

Obviously, you should bring your card10 if you want to fix it ;), everything else will be around at the event.


xHain is not a place to sleep, so please make sure you have some accomodation. Get in touch with us on IRC/Matrix if you don’t know.