Firmware Updates

Current: Queer Quinoa (2021-12-25)

Updating the firmware on your card10

  • Download the current firmware .zip file to your computer
  • Extract it
  • Put your card10 into USB storage mode
  • Copy over the files you just extracted directly into the main folder. Make sure to also update all files cotained in the apps folder. Note: on macOS devices it is recommended to use the terminal, e.g. for the broccoli release: cp -r ~/Downloads/card10-v1.2-broccoli/* /Volumes/CARD10/

    If your card10 reboots during this operation, use the bootloader to copy the files as explained here!

  • Eject your device (if you’re doing this in the command line: don’t forget to run sync on Linux)
  • Switch your card10 off and on again

Experimental Releases

These releases are untested and must be considered faulty. Always create a backup of the files on your card10 before applying them. Please follow the steps mentioned above for the actual update.

  • No Experimental version available at the moment

Previous Releases

R2R Rocket (2021-04-04)

Pandemic Potato (2020-12-04)

Okra (2020-02-02)

Nettle (2019-12-29)

Mushroom (2019-12-09)

Leek (2019-10-19)

Karotte (2019-09-24)

JerusalemArtichoke (2019-09-05 21:42)

IcebergLettuce (2019-08-28 23:23)

HabaneroChilli (2019-08-27 - 11:38)

Garlic (day 4 - 21:48)

Fennel (day 3 - 20:30)

Eggppppplant (day 3 - 00:23)

DaikonRadish (day 2 - 20:00)

CCCauliflower (day 2 - 00:30)

Broccoli (day 1 - 19:00)


As of Day 1, 18:00 Asparagus is the firmware that is loaded on the card10s handed out on day 1 from 18:00