Android notifications can be intercepted and sent to the card10 to be displayed there

Firmware support:

  • The badge can receive notifications via BLE and display them
  • It is possible to trigger the vibration motor with a notification
  • It is possible to define on the Android side how the motor vibrates
  • It is possible to only show the notification if the user presses one of the buttons
  • Notifications can contain small images (avatar/app icons) to be displayed
  • If the text of the notification does not fit on the screen, the buttons on the badge can be used to scroll down (and up)
  • User feedback to these notifications is possible via buttons — For example: If the notification is a call notification: The user can reject or take that call — In general: pressing a button opens the application on the users phone

Data Format:

  • Protobufs are used to encode these notifications to the badge