The menu system

Selecting a default app

By default the g-watch digital watch face is the app which is started after installing the current firmware.

If you want to change that, you can use the main menu to select a new default app.

Open the main menu and navigate to the app you want to make the default app:

ChooChoo menu item

Long press the SELECT button. The following menu will appear:

Make ChooChoo default

If you want to make the selected app your new default app, simply press SELECT once more. If this is not what you wanted, either press MENU once or select Exit using the RIGHT/DOWN key and then press SELECT:

Making ChooChoo default

From now the app you chose will be the new “Home” app. This app will be started after turning on the card10, when selecting “Home” in the main menu or when the main menu times out.

ChooChoo running ChooChoo running

Changing the button layout

This is the default button layout:

Drawing of card10 with button names

You can change the button layout to use the two buttons on the right side for UP and DOWN and one of the buttons on the left side for SELECT in the menus:

Drawing of card10 with button names

To do so you have to modify (or create) the card10.cfg file on the card10. Add the following line to it:

right_scroll = true

More information about card10.cfg can be be found in the firmware documentation